Episode 1 preview

Our first episode is a chance to introduce the idea behind E and Me. We start to talk about body image and fitness, but this is a preview, so we just barely get into the conversation. We will launch the full episode soon. This is just a taste.

We need to give a special word of thanks to Heatherlyn. She is one of our favorite people, and she let us use her song “Ever.” In the full episode we give her thanks. Find out more about her beautiful artistry at http://heatherlynmusic.com.

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  1. Hi Ellie & Robb, thanks for having the courage to share this. Very inspirational. I’m already a fan of yours, Robb, as I’m a runner who has followed your posts over the past few years whilst trying to shift my BMI from around 38 to somewhere south of that scary figure. I have two daughters, 20 & 17, so I’m keen to hear what you guys talk about and the wisdom you get from your dad, Ellie. Best wishes & blessings to your whole family.


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