About Us

Ellie is a 12-year-old girl who loves dance, musicals, volleyball, and softball. She is in sixth grade and is looking forward to when she is old enough to run for office. When we recorded the first few episodes, Ellie was 11. She loves her little sister and puppy, Baxter.

Robb is a 41 year-old husband, father, and pastor. He is a life-long sports fan, and loves watching his daughters play and perform. He likes to run, play volleyball, and golf. He is the Pastor of Two Rivers United Methodist Church. He is the original Fat Pastor, and is the co-producer of the Pulpit Fiction Podcast.

Robb and Ellie have always been able to talk to each other honestly about difficult topics. One day Robb was talking to other parents who were sharing how difficult it is to talk to their kids about growing up. Robb and Ellie realized that their conversations may be worth sharing, and the E and Me Podcast was born.

Besides talking about heavy stuff, Robb and Ellie enjoy playing golf together, going to hockey games, and watching movies with the whole family. They also love playing with their puppy, Baxter, and hope he will stop trying to bite their faces soon.



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