Episode 1-2 Relationships, part 1 (friendships)


E and Me ep 1-2


This is Relationships, part 1. Also known as “I like you.” Next episode will be “I like like you.” In this episode we talk about friendships, the importance of trust, and how to rise above the drama. Friendships are an important part of growing up, so there are chances to talk about jealousy, trust, bullying, and drama magnets.

We ask an important question: How can you tell the difference between good friends and toxic friends?


Episode 1-1 Body image and fitness

E and ME ep 1-1In this first episode of the E and Me Podcast, we introduce the concept of the show. Then we get into three segments: Beauty, Body image and self love, and fitness. We pause twice for a few important questions

  1. What is beautiful?
  2. What do you see when you look in the mirror?
  3. When did you start to criticize your body?


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Ellie is worth a “Wow”

Yesterday Elizabeth was interviewed by Elizabeth. We were so excited that a reporter, Elizabeth Wadas, of WQAD Channel 8 wanted to do a story about the E and Me Podcast. I have been on local TV news lots of times. Being in a midsize market means that when we have community events the local news, hungry for positive human interest stories, is going to show up. Most of the time though, I get interviewed for about three minutes and they use about 20 seconds of what I said.

This time was different. This crew of two came at 2:30, and stayed with us over an hour. They set up in our “studio” at church, and asked us to do a recording. Ellie and I recorded the first ten minutes of a new episode on Grief (that I think is going to be really good). Then the reporter, Elizabeth, interviewed each of us individually. These interviews were pretty in-depth.

As usual, I was blown away by Ellie’s poise, substance, and savvy. So was Ms. Wadas. Part way through the interview she stopped and had to double-check her information, “How old are you again?” When Ellie said, “12,” she replied, “wow.”

“Wow.” That’s pretty much my reaction to Ellie on a daily basis. She’s not perfect, but she’s definatley worth a “Wow,” and here’s another reason why:

Today I got a call from the Principal of her school. Ellie is in sixth grade in an elementary school that is K-6. The principal informed me that she was calling because Ellie received a “positive referal.” She explained:

“Today at recess a teacher saw Elizabeth help another student. A fourth grade student shared that he thought it was cold outside. An older boy, a sixth grader, started to make fun of him. Ellie stepped in and defended the younger student and helped him. Later in the day, I was in Ellie’s class room and she noticed that another boy seemed to not be doing well. She made sure to share with me that he was having a rough day, and I was able to go to him to help him.”

She went on, “Elizabeth showed great empathy to help her classmate, and outstanding courage and leadership to defed the younger boy. You are raising a wonderful young woman.” Then she gave the phone to Ellie.

It took me a moment to be able to speak to her.

“Are you all right, Dad?” she asked. I squeaked “Mm-hm.”

Then I heard her whisper to her principal, “He’s crying. It’s okay.”

Wow, indeed.

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Launch date

We are ready to announce our launch date, and it’s no joke. On April 1 we will release the first four episodes of the the E and Me Podcast. They will go live at midnight, so you have all day to download them. They will go live on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher Radio, Spotify, and other podcast applications first.

Later in the day we will put the episodes here, allowing you the ability to listen from a podcast app or any device that has internet. In the coming weeks we will also be on an episode of Ode to the Underdog and the Kindreds Podcast will release our preview episode.

The first episode will also be released in the Pulpit Fiction Podcast feed on Sunday, March 31, giving those listeners the first shot at listening to E and Me.


Episode 1 preview

Our first episode is a chance to introduce the idea behind E and Me. We start to talk about body image and fitness, but this is a preview, so we just barely get into the conversation. We will launch the full episode soon. This is just a taste.

We need to give a special word of thanks to Heatherlyn. She is one of our favorite people, and she let us use her song “Ever.” In the full episode we give her thanks. Find out more about her beautiful artistry at http://heatherlynmusic.com.